Janet X. Chen

  • PhD Student, Information and Computer Science, Cornell University

Hi, I’m a 1st year PhD student in Information Science at Cornell. I earned my BA in computer science and economics at the University of British Columbia. My BA had a co-op program, which means I spent about 12 months at startups as a software engineering intern.

I’m advised by Dr. Qian Yang. I’m interested in designing data-driven technologies using intimate data and mediating intimacy. Some of my past work touches on preparing digital data in preparation of death, designing for possible data management futures, and creating AR/VR applications.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading self-help books (got any recommendations? ), climbing, and being outside. I’m happy to answer questions or point to recommendations about grad school, admissions, and Cornell for prospective students. In particular, I welcome questions from underrepresented minorities.

Interests: Human-computer interaction, interaction design, designing with AI



Selected TA Experience